Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers statewide kickoff strike authorization vote

Healthcare workers say chronic under-staffing is driving a growing patient care crisis SEATTLE – Healthcare workers at Kaiser Permanente Washington announced they’ll begin a strike authorization vote starting Wednesday over the corporation’s bad-faith bargaining, unfair labor practices, and refusal to address chronic short-staffing concerns. Approximately 3,000 healthcare workers united in SEIU Healthcare 1199NW across 36 facilities […]

Our union proposals would get Kaiser on track!

Let’s stop the cycle of staff attrition, short staffing and membership losses Our coworkers are leaving Kaiser for new jobs that pay fair wages that meet other healthcare facilities, have made improvements in staffing and patient care, and that promote equity in our workplaces. But Kaiser continues to put forward proposals that will push even […]

Recruitment and Retention Can’t Wait: Patients Deserve Solutions Now!

Kaiser isn’t investing in us We know that patients are impacted by the turnover and vacancies we have right now across Kaiserfacilities. Patients have longer wait times, aren’t able to get appointments, have unanswered questions,and huge frustrations. Some of our patients have decided to drop their memberships.The solutions for better patient care at Kaiser are […]

What will it take to stop the cycle?

While we made it clear that wage increases are the priority, we have made the proposals below to get Kaiser on track and stop the cycle of staff attrition, short staffing and membership losses. It will take a significant investment in time, energy and resources for Kaiser to get back on track for quality patient […]