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At Kaiser Permanente Washington, we are more than just healthcare workers. We are our patients’ advocates united in SEIU Healthcare 1199NW. Our commitment to providing quality care to our communities is what brings us together.

Throughout the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we stood strong on the frontlines, delivering care with compassion and dedication. But now, it’s time to address the concerning direction our beloved institution is taking.

What's at stake?

Staffing losses and the ongoing short-staffing crisis will only get worse without a real investment in recruitment and retention of qualified caregivers. Currently, there are not enough healthcare workers at Kaiser Permanente Washington to provide the quality care patients deserve, leading to long wait times, low access, and reduced personal touch — less hands-on time, more rushed appointments.

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Join us in taking a stand for quality healthcare at Kaiser Permanente Washington. Our voices, together with yours, can create real change. It’s time to hold Kaiser executives accountable for putting excessive executive pay, profits, and expansion above the well-being of our patients and the community we serve.

Kaiser Permanente Washington can do better!

We stand with healthcare workers

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Fast Facts

Unfortunately, Kaiser Permanente has lost its way. Kaiser leaders are prioritizing excessive executive pay, profits, and expansion above the needs of patients. 


Despite executives’ claims, Kaiser is not struggling financially. Kaiser Permanente has:

Seen a massive increase in profits in the last five years, and all this as a “non-profit”
Made more than $20B, even during global pandemic
Doubled its net worth to nearly $60B
Made $1.2B in Q1 and $2.08B in Q2 in profits in 2023 alone
Paid 49 executives more than $1M a year each, and its CEO more than $15M a year

Kaiser in Washington: A Trail of Broken Promises

Locally, Kaiser Permanente made a commitment to invest significantly in infrastructure and our communities when it acquired Group Health in 2017. However, that investment has not materialized.

While healthcare workers at Kaiser Permanente Washington watch their coworkers leave in droves for higher paying jobs and stretch themselves thin to try to meet the need, Kaiser continues to prioritize excessive executive pay, profits, and expansion above the needs of patients like you.